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The European technology landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, with a surge in startups pushing the boundaries of innovation in Web 3 Deep Tech, integrating other technologies with blockchain, decentralised networks, and advanced cryptography.


The volume of investment in European Web3 start-ups increased 10-fold in the last year, according to VC research platform PitchBook. The United Kingdom, with its rich history of technological breakthroughs and world-class universities, provides fertile ground for such cutting-edge startups.


Furthermore, the increasing presence of major global VC funds in the UK, exemplified by American powerhouse a16z's expansion into London this year, underscores Europe's growing prominence as a hub for Web3 and blockchain businesses.


Our investment strategy is built on thorough due diligence, mentorship, and active involvement in the growth of our portfolio companies. We seek to partner with visionary founders who are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and are aligned with our mission to drive innovation in Deep Tech within the Web3 ecosystem.


Moreover, our robust proprietary deal flow, cultivated through extensive networks and collaborations with leading academic institutions, ensures that we have access to the most promising startups at the earliest stages of their development. This unique advantage allows us to identify and invest in startups with the highest growth potential, positioning our fund for maximum impact in the rapidly evolving Web3 Deep Tech landscape.


Artificial Intelligence and Web3:

AI and Web3 technologies, when combined, can empower autonomous decision-making and enable new possibilities for smart contracts, potentially disrupting sectors that rely massively on data analysis, from insurance, healthcare and education to media and retail. We aim to support startups that are pioneering the integration of AI and Web3 for real-world applications.

Quantum Computing and Web3:

Quantum computing has the potential to disrupt cryptography and blockchain technology. We seek to invest in startups that are exploring the convergence of quantum computing and Web3, addressing challenges such as quantum-resistant encryption and consensus algorithms with implications for a range of industries, from online banking infrastructure to the development of new drugs.

Big Data and Web3:

“Data is the new Oil” and a tremendous source of power. Web3 has the potential to transform data management and privacy protection through data decentralisation and user ownership. Innovative startups working on Web3-based data marketplaces, decentralised data storage, and privacy-preserving analytics are of particular interest to us.

Reverse Computing and Web3:

Reverse computing has the potential to perform high-performance computational operations at extremely efficient levels while reducing energy consumption and hardware heating. Our fund is interested in startups pioneering reverse computing techniques for upgrading Web3 infrastructure.

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